About us

Agtech Ireland aims to promote, support
and enhance Ireland’s Agtech community


Agtech Ireland represents Agtech companies across policy, research and farm level. Its aim is to showcase the benefits of technology adoption on farm and communicate how Agtech has a key role in sustainability to all stakeholders moving forward.
Agtech Ireland will act as a single point of contact for government, media, foreign trade missions and research for its industry
AgTech Ireland is providing alternatives to traditional farming methods and revolutionising the sector. New innovations can increase productivity gains to maximise profitability for the primary sector, for the benefit of all ers.

Launched in 2021, AgTech Ireland is a purpose driven, membership funded organisation whose industry shares a passion for the opportunities that AgTech Ireland can generate.

AgTech Ireland aims to connect innovators, investors, regulators, researchers and interested public. It promotes opportunities and challenges raised by AgTech Ireland. AgTech Ireland advances the ecosystem through advocacy, collaboration, innovation, talent and economic growth through international connections and missions.
It is governed by an Executive Council.

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