Today AgTech Ireland and AgriTechNZ signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop shared insights and opportunities for innovative improvements to food production. The MoU highlights the global opportunities that can be addressed by innovative solutions from both regions.

 “This is a great opportunity to connect the ecosystem of companies in both countries who are innovating to solve global issues. Our respective organisations have a common goal to accelerate the development of agricultural technologies that enable our producers to increase productivity and profitability, more sustainably. We look forward to connecting peers, sharing insights and looking for collaborative opportunities,” Says Padraig Hennessy, AgTech Ireland chairman.

AgriTech New Zealand is delighted to be formalising this relationship with AgTech Ireland, says Kenneth Irons, AgriTechNZ chair.

“Both countries have farming systems based on seasonal pasture and excel in innovation for these systems. From this background, innovators in each country are connecting technology potential with producer needs across a widening range of food systems.    We share a common purpose to exchange ideas and find mutual opportunities to address wider global issues.

 “By co-signing this Memorandum of Understanding, we can not only more successfully create better value for our two countries’ primary sectors, we can also impact global food systems by jointly identifying and addressing the issues facing global agriculture. The best way to support our farmers and growers is to ramp up investment in the tools that will help them thrive,” says Kenneth.

AgriTech New Zealand (AgriTechNZ) and AgTech Ireland are both member organisations promoting the integration of technology with agriculture to strengthen food systems around the world. Each organisation is founded in an economy based on the production of high-quality food and the development of innovative technologies. The organisations share the same goals of promoting and advocating for the opportunities and challenges in agricultural innovation around the world.

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