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AgTech Ireland Members’ Questions

Are you a member or thinking about joining AgTech Ireland? Check out some of the commonly asked questions below.

Why join AgTech Ireland?

  • To access a network of like-minded agribusiness leaders

  • To contribute to and benefit from advocacy and lobbying campaigns

  • To attend exclusive agriculture industry events and stakeholder meetings

  • To have the opportunity to join trade missions engaging with global leaders & politicians

  • To stay in the loop with the latest news and insights from our newsletters and other communications

  • To be part of the unified voice for agtech in Ireland and ensure its success

What is the best way to utilise my AgTech Ireland membership?

  • Engage with us

  • Keep a close eye on our communications – direct emails, quarterly newsletters such as this one, social media platforms, mainstream media articles – to find out about our events. 

  • Make sure to come along to maximise the opportunities. 

  • Review the member network.There may be opportunities to work with other members to enhance your business.

  • Don’t be afraid to connect on LinkedIn or drop them an email to explore opportunities.

  • Come forward with ideas. If you have something you feel is important and could benefit the wider sector, reach out to our COO Catherine Lascurettes or one of our Executive Council members.

What other organisations are AgTech Ireland looking to collaborate with?

  • At home we are engaged with the Department of Agriculture, Teagasc as well as Enterprise Ireland. 

  • We collaborate with UCD AgriTech, the MTU AgriTech Ireland Cluster. We are also looking to work with ICBF, VistaMilk and other domestic organisations in the agricultural sector.

  • There are still more opportunities to be explored with government agencies and private organisations as we develop over the coming year.

  • Abroad we have signed an MOU with AgriTech New Zealand to identify collaborative opportunities for members

  • We are exploring collaboration opportunities with Business France UK and Ireland. 

  • Our plan is to create further opportunities internationally utilising our own network, the Enterprise Ireland international network and organisations similar to AgTech Ireland in key markets.

Should you wish to join AgTech Ireland, email [email protected]

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