Brandon Bioscience

We are Brandon Bioscience, a marine biotech company based in Co. Kerry. 

With operations in Ireland and Scotland, we produce biostimulant solutions derived from marine based biomolecules. Using our PSI® Technology, we fine-tune the bioactivity of our extracts to increase nutrient use efficiency, crop quality and tolerance to abiotic stresses.

As we celebrate our 25th year in business, we are proud to pioneer the research of marine based biomolecules and their application as crop based biostimulants. Through peer reviewed publications & trials that provide farmers with reliable performance, we enable them to meet their production, revenue & environmental goals. 

Nature Empowered by Science

Our innovation starts and ends with growers. The challenges they face every day guide our research and development to create the solution to that very challenge or problem. We continue to support our customers through our technical support so that we know our solutions are working best for them. 

One of the main areas we focus on is in fully understanding our biostimulants; from how to best produce them to how to maximise their efficacy out in the field. We achieve this goal by having complete control over how and when the fresh source material (Ascophyllum nodosum) is harvested, conclusively examining the composition and intensely examining its effect on the plant response both in the lab and through field trials. 

We help farmers bridge the performance gap that exists between potential and actual yield through the development of our precision biostimulants that are smarter, more efficient and bioactive. 

Overview of Products

Brandon Bioscience offers a wide range of precision biostimulants that focus on solving a specific agronomic problem e.g. maximise crop quality & yield, increase tolerance of abiotic stresses, prevent pod shattering, enhance nitrogen use efficiency, enhance water use efficiency and build resilience to salt stress. 


We are based in Tralee Co. Kerry with our offices based in Tralee town, along with our own research centre and laboratories. We also maintain a laboratory at MTU Tralee. Our production facilities are based in Asdee in North Kerry as well as operations on the Hebrides Islands off the north west coast of Scotland.