Dairy Direct

“Dairy Direct’s mission is to bring to the market a range of products, technology and knowledge to provide Quality milk results to Dairy farmers.”

Founded in 2011 Dairy Direct are specialists in controlling on farm bacteria counts (TBC’s, SCC’s, Thermodurics and TCM’s) through Technical Knowledge and the application of quality products.

Dairy Farmers as part of the Grass to Glass food chain have a responsibility for their milk quality and a need to be aware of the composition of all of the circulation cleaners and teat sprays used on their farm. As an exporting nation and with Harvest 2020 in mind, Dairy Direct are now working with World Class chemical manufacturers to bring a new dimension to dairy hygiene in Ireland.

Through our Fourtress Range we will bring together manufacturing excellence, high performance quality products and a deep knowledge of the dairy hygiene sector. This brings systematic and logical approach to problem solving coupled with a refreshingly open minded approach to new methods and ideas that bring the latest science and innovation to the Industry.

Designing, installing, training, maintaining and updating parlour and dairy hygiene, along with the safe application of the products, requires a high level of ongoing support from your supplier. Dairy Direct can give you quick access to excellent hygiene results and help ensure the sustainability and security of your herd and of the milk you produce.

Together with our chosen Suppliers, we can provide up to date cleaning products and technical knowledge, plus sound advice through support you need when you need it.