Datamars Agri

In 2023 we marked 35 Years as Datamars and all those that helped pave the way in the decades before.
We continue to have big aspirations and are energized and committed to making a measurable difference where it is needed most for many years to come.

Both companies had earned a reputation for meticulous research and development. This genesis in identification technology has, over the subsequent three decades, been the catalyst for an array of world first and best in class innovations in sectors as diverse as agriculture and textile services.

Headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland, Datamars’ growth has been built on research and development-based innovation. One example of this is the partnering with animal health companies to create the companion animal identification sector. Other examples include the development of the world’s first RFID tag for textiles known as the LaundryChip™ and the development of an extensive range of animal measurement and health provision services for production animals.

Through carefully selected acquisitions we are expanding our stable of businesses, adding new competencies, increasing our geographic reach and integrating technologies to bring new opportunities to customers.

This expansion includes: the 2012 purchase of Temple Tag – the well recognised animal identification company based in Texas, the 2014 acquisition of Zee Tag – a global leader in animal identification based in New Zealand with operations in the US and Australasia, the acquisition of European companion animal identification business Felixcan in 2016. In 2018 we acquired New Zealand’s Simcro and Tru-Test – adding advanced animal performance monitoring (Tru-Test) and animal health delivery solutions (Simcro) for the benefit of our customers.