New Zealand’s fastest growing Agritech company Levno have put down roots in Ireland and the UK, bringing with them their world leading agricultural monitoring technology for Milk and Feed.

Using a combination of smart sensors, IoT connectivity and cutting-edge software; Levno monitors crucial on-site factors and transforms data collected into actionable insights that allow farmers and agribusinesses to boost sustainable productivity.

Levno’s flagship Milk monitoring solution enables farmers and dairy processors to improve milk quality, meet regulatory requirements, reduce waste, increase sustainability, and drive efficiencies throughout the supply chain.

Levno’s Feed monitoring solution also delivers significant value, providing feed suppliers and farmers with visibility into feed usage, thereby reducing urgent deliveries and optimising logistical efficiency. This results in fewer incomplete deliveries, minimising rework and wastage.

Already relied upon by many large agribusinesses including Fonterra, Levno is committed to delivering real change to the world’s agricultural sector.