Moonsyst Cattle Monitoring

The Moonsyst Rumen Monitoring system is an Internet of Things (IoT) health, reproduction and sustainability solution for dairy and beef cattle. It consists of an electronic Rumen Bolus-Sensor and a cloud-based data processing application, with an associated mobile app.

How it works

The Bolus-Sensor is swallowed by animal, where it sinks to the bottom of the rumen/stomach and settles in the reticulum, for the remainder of the animal’s life. The Bolus-Sensor is capable of multiple physiological and chemical data monitoring e.g. temperature, pH level, rumen and body activity. The Bolus-Sensor has an expected life span/battery life of 6+ years. 

Through the use of Artificial Intelligence software models, the system alerts farmers of oestrus/heat, calving, abnormal water intake, fever and other health related anomalies. Moonsyst has initiated a new development for monitoring the animal’s rumen activity, through fine tuning the activity sensor/accelerometer within Bolus-Sensor, that will provide further insights into the animal’s health, a healthy rumen = a healthy cow!

Why Moonsyst?

Farmers need to increase their productivity, improve sustainability and produce higher quality food with less use of antibiotics or medication. Farms are amalgamating and becoming more industrialised. The farmer who is ready to use the latest technologies will be successful with these challenges.

Moonsyst International Ltd was incorporated in November 2020, with a registered address in Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland. The company was incorporated into a new Irish lead holding company Agri IOT Ltd, that registered in February 2022, but continues to trade as ‘Moonsyst’.