Proveye partners with organisations including the world’s leading agricultural, dairy, food processing, and nature-based project companies who rely on grassland ecosystems for food production or natural capital. We help to maintain and monitor this critical resource in an optimised and sustainable manner in the face of increasing market pressures and the climate crisis.

Proveye’s award-winning solution is uniquely positioned to remotely quantify biophysical change in complex grassland environments using earth observation data, unlocking unparalleled potential to optimise both productive agriculture as well as conservation. A cloud-based platform-as-a-service, Proveye combines advanced AI-based photogrammetry with proprietary deep learning models, processing drone and satellite imagery to automatically classify, detect, and accurately predict change at scale in complex agricultural environments such as grasslands.

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Proveye works with the global dairy and beef industry, and natural capital and food production companies. The company works with the European Space Agency as a strategic partner, and is supported by COMOP and Enterprise Ireland.