Unison Process Solutions

Unison Process Solutions is a leading manufacturer and supplier of liquid processing technology. We combine generations of experience with a passion for innovation, enabling us to deliver unrivalled solutions to our clients worldwide.

Always Innovating, Always Customer Focused

Since our foundation in 2006, Unison has grown from a small team of experts with a passion for processing solutions, to a leading manufacturer and developer of innovative liquid processing equipment, parts and machinery.

We manufacture and supply cutting-edge machinery and systems that solve real problems for our customers, specialising in pasteurizers, homogenisers, separators, heat exchangers, pumps and valves.

Unison is also revolutionising heat exchanger and tank testing with our ground-breaking Heat Exchanger Integrity Self-Testing (HEIST) and Tank Test+ systems – the world’s first fully automatic systems for integrity testing.

Award-winning Liquid Processing Experts

Our engineers are curious by nature. When we see a problem, we think about how we can solve it. Instead of saying “that’s impossible”, we ask “how could it be done?”

It is through this approach that we are able to consistently solve problems for our customers in the liquid processing industry, and it is what has powered us towards winning multiple innovation and industry awards for our products.


Our planet is all we have, and protecting and preserving it is at the heart of many of our innovations. Our technologies promote a more responsible use of natural resources.

We constantly strive for better in the reduction of the environmental impact of industrial processes. We do this through improved energy efficiency and heat recovery, better water treatment and reduced emissions.