VAT Refund for on-farm fixed equipment

An information session for AgTech Ireland members

IFA Senior Policy Executive Karol Kissane headed the IFA Team which negotiated with Revenue and the Department of Agriculture on the recent VAT refund issue for non-VAT registered farmers investing in fixed equipment on their farms.  This followed from farmers reporting numerous instances of refund rejections by Revenue on equipment which would previously have been accepted.  These unexpected rejections have thrown farmers’ financial planning and have consequently had major implications for agtech companies’ order books.

In a virtual information session organised by AgTech Ireland on 28th March last, Karol shared with our members how the VAT 58 interpretation by Revenue had changed without a change in the legal text.  He stressed the connection with European legislation, the acceptance by Revenue to include some of the initially rejected equipment and outlined what he saw as the most likely next steps.

Guest speaker: Karol Kissane, IFA Senior Policy Executive and VAT expert

View and download Karol’s presentation from our session here.

VAT update - AgTech Ireland

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